beauty conspirator: christmas gel nail manicure

Today, I am doing my own version of “Freshly Pressed” and am sharing an exciting way to change-up the gel manicure.

Beauty Conspirator is one of my favorite blogs to read. Recently the author blew me away with her Christmas Gel Nail Manicure at Home tutorial. With permission from the author, I have reposted it below. Enjoy!



Simple and beautiful step by step at home gel manicure is here!

Enjoy! 🙂


This is what we will need: Gel Cleanser; LED lamp; CND Shellac Base Coat; CND Shellac Top Coat; CND Shellac Polish Plum Paisley; Shimmery Gold Pigment; Brush.


1. Apply CND Shellac Base Coat to your nail.


2. Cure it under the LED lamp for 2 minutes.


3. Apply two layers of CND Shellac Polish Plum Paisley.


4. Cure the nails again for 2 minutes for every layer of polish.


5. Take the pigment on the tip of the brush.


6. Now the fun part starts 🙂 Take the brush with the pigment on it and carefully brush the color from the middle to the end of the nail. The gel polish is still sticky after curing so the pigment will stick really well on the nail.


7. Repeat the same step until each nail is done.


8. Apply CND Shellac Top Coat and cure it under the lamp.




I am crazy about nails and I love the treatment Beauty Conspirator gave her gel manicure. Today I gave this a-go, adding pigment to one nail on each hand creating a beautiful ombré accent. I love it! I, like the author of the original post, used makeup pigment. CND has pigment in an array of colors created for use with gel polish.

What do you think of this gel manicure? Would you do it? What color gel polish and pigment would you use?

Be sure to visit Beauty Conspirator to see more nail and makeup tutorials and tips.

All images, including lead image, via Beauty Conspirator.

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