Welcome to Pop Goes the City!

Born of the desire to have an honest online publication exclusive to Dallas and Collin counties, Leslie Chatman created and launched Pop Goes the City in the summer of 2011. As a reflection of her life, Pop Goes the City is focused on life and society in Dallas and Collin counties. It serves as a platform for her to share information on events, local businesses, people, shopping, and must-have finds.

Leslie loves to talk to people and Pop Goes the City is the perfect outlet to interview local movers and shakers and business owners. In turn, she can introduce readers to the people behind the places and things they love most in the metroplex.

Since launching Pop Goes the City, Leslie has had the pleasure of interacting with some amazing people outside of the Dallas area as well. The majority of content on Pop Goes the City will be hyper local. However periodically, she will write about people and things around the web and beyond the metroplex that she thinks North Texans should know about.

In the summer of 2017, Leslie launched the Pop Goes the City podcast as a companion to the online publication. On the podcast, she interviewed locals and non locals to discuss various lifestyle and society topics.

Currently the Pop Goes the City podcast is on hiatus, but there are plans for it to return in the future.