all about beauty week: actizyme renovation mushroom mask by actifirm



Welcome to All About Beauty Week on Pop Goes The City™ !  At the beginning of the year I published a list of beauty picks for men and women for 2013.  If you haven’t checked it out, DO IT!!!

Now…on to the good stuff for the day…

Last year I told you about Dallas-based Actifirm, a natural skincare line founded by Elysiann Bishop.  If  you missed my post about the brands Natural Basics set, click here to check it out.

Today, I want to tell you about Actifirm’s Actizyme Renovation Mushroom Mask – a Bentonite clay-based mask with Mucor Miehei mushroom enzymes. Yes, this is THE highly sought after mushroom mask you have probably heard about.

Excellent for men and women of all skin types, this mushroom mask helps clean debris from pores, facilitate natural exfoliation and soothes skin with ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extracts.

Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean skin, allow it to thoroughly dry, remove with warm water, apply moisturizer and admire!  I love that this mask does not get super tight or restrict facial movements like other drying masks.

You can use the mushroom mask in conjunction with the Natural Basics set or many other Actifirm products…I do and I love the results I get: firm, brightened, refreshed skin.  Try it for yourself!

To see the full Actifirm product line or to check the spa and physician locator, visit their website.  You may also want to follow the brand on Twitter @actifirm. They send out great specials and deals!

Scoop: If you are like me and sometimes want just a little bit more gentle physical exfoliation, check out Z-Facial – Actizyme Renovation Mushroom Mask fortified with Z-Peel and spherical, polyethylene micro beads. Your skin just may love you for it!

Actifirm Z-Facial