ramping up to all about beauty week

image via beautyheaven.com.au

All About Beauty Week is almost here on Pop Goes The City™ and this year, I decided to put out a call for readers to send in requests.

Is there a product or service you are dying to try or read about? Is there a beauty service location in Dallas or Collin County you want the skinny on? Is there a beauty authority you want to see me interview? Send an email and I or my male minions (for male services), will get the scoop for you!  No request is to large or small…so send them all and we will do our best to pick ones that give us the greatest opportunity to share the most information.

The only thing we won’t actually try are fillers…Botox and stuff like that.  However, if you want general information on fillers, we can help you there!

Please send your requests by March 9, 2013 so we have plenty of time to work our beauty magic and bring you great articles during All About Beauty Week from March 24th-30th.

This is going to be a fun, new approach to All About Beauty Week!