pick of the week: gitman bros. french cuff white shirt



Just the other day, my guy mentioned that he was needing to go shopping for another white dress shirt.

The plain white dress shirt on a man is the best look.  So classic and fresh!  A man in a white shirt is ready for anything.

The Gitman Bros. Sartorial Spread, French Cuff, No Pocket 100’s 2-Ply Broadcloth is a wonderful white shirt option.

This shirt is crafted of a 2 ply Broadcloth, an original Gitman cloth, that the company has used for many years.

From the Gitman Bros. website:
At Gitman, craftsmanship and technology – a perfect mix of the old and the new – go into each and every shirt we sew. More than 80 minutes and 50 steps go into the creation of a shirt, which is made of 25 separate pieces.

Such quality and I say well worth the price tag!

Click the image to go direct to the Gitman Bros. website to order or stop by the well-know Dallas men’s clothier Culwell & Son on Hillcrest in Snider Plaza to see if they have this style in stock.  They have been dressing the men in Dallas for over 90 years.

What are your thoughts?

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