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If you have not heard of Uber yet, I suggest you become very familiar with the new luxury car service in town.  San Francisco based company Uber officially launched in Dallas today.

Uber is a mobile app-based luxury car service currently serving 12 US cities and 4 cities abroad.  Dallas, the latest city the company has launched in, is the first Texas city to have the opportunity to ride from point A to point B in style,  black on black luxury cars and SUV’s.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Launch Lunch at Ocean Prime to learn about the company and a little bit about why they selected Dallas as their 12th US city.

“Dallas is spread out and unfortunately has a very high number of DUI’s every year, said Jambu Palanuappan, the gentleman tasked with launching new markets with Uber.  “We saw an opportunity to move people around safely by bring Uber to the area.”

Attendees of the lunch were able to try out the service and as a person who hates to drive, I was beyond excited about it.  My experience was uh-mazing and I am dying to Uber again!

What I love about Uber:

1) Super easy app! The app is so simple to use.  Before requesting a car,  GPS sets the location, shows the cars are in the immediate area and allows edits it to set the final pick up location.  The app shows how many miles the closest car is so riders can determine the best time to request an Uber.

2) It is cashless! I never have cash and based on a story this summer about local taxis turning away people without cash, Uber is here to fill the void.  Download the app for your Apple or Android smartphone, enter your credit card details and when you are ready to take a ride, request a car with two quick taps on the screen.  A text message tells when the car arrives and the tip is included in the fare!!

3) This is luxury! Taxis are not bad but that is not how Dallasites were meant to go out for a night on the town or ride to the airport.  Uber takes great care to make sure all drivers are familiar the city, within reason.  Tell the driver the destination, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Truth be told, I hate driving so much that I wish I could Uber everyday but this is a luxury service and that comes at premium.  For example, a ride from Dallas to DFW Airport is about $75, a ride from Highland Park to Downtown is about $21, a ride from Plano to Preston Hollow is about $62 and a ride from Dallas to the Ballpark or Cowboys Stadium is a flat $100.  The cars are able to seat 4 or more if an SUV, so bring your friends and share the cost.

Uber is now my private driver!  Give Uber a shot, I am sure you will agree this is a wonderful new service in Dallas aimed at helping Dallasites travel safely and in style.  Download the app for Apple, Android or sign up at m.uber.com if you don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone.

Scoop: Read what NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman said about the company on Twitter below!

Uber provided lunch and transportation to and from the event.


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