interview: drita d’avanzo, mob wife & creator of ‘just me’ cosmetics

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Drita D’avanzo of VH1’s Mob Wives launched ‘Just Me’, a cosmetics line for the everyday woman, today at an all out event at the Staten Island Mall.  Of course, I wish I had been able to attend but I could not.  I was able to steal a few minutes of time via phone with Drita to talk about this amazing milestone in her life.

Hi, Drita!  Thank you for taking a few moments to chat with me on this really big day.  How are you?  How excited are you for the launch of ‘Just Me’ cosmetics?

Hi! Oh,  I am nervous, excited.  I have always wanted to do this [create a cosmetics line] so this is a dream come true for me.  I have so many emotions right now.

And you wouldn’t believe it, but I did everything myself.  I didn’t want to hire someone to create the line for me and I just put my name on it.  I am really big on names and each item in the line has a name that means something to me.  My girls have a lip gloss named after each of them and other items in the line are named after places I would go or Lee and I would go.  I told Lee and he says he is so proud of me.  He is very supportive!  I have years of experience in the industry in a department store and professional make up so, I know what everyday women want.

That sounds fabulous!  The line really invites people into your life.  Are fellow cast mates coming out to help you celebrate this huge milestone in your life?

Oh, yes!  Big Ang and Carla are coming out to support me.

‘Just Me’ cosmetics will be sold exclusively in the Staten Island Mall for a while, right?

Yes, I wanted to launch in my hometown.

Ok, when might others around the county, like all your Dallas fans, be able to sample and/or purchase from the line?

‘Just Me’ will be sold online at very soon.  Also, I hope to have carts selling the line in every mall.

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The line is starting out focused on color.  Do you have plans to expand and add skincare?

Yes!  I went to school for make up and skincare and I have worked in Saks with high-end cosmetic brands.  So, expanding the line to add skincare is one of my goals and you will be talking to me again about that! (laughs)

You are a mother, model, reality star, rapper and now creator of a cosmetics line…

(laughs) I know! What happened, damn!  I do so much.  I have always done a lot.

Wonderful!  Thanks for taking a moment for me Drita!  Best of luck to you tonight!

Thank you so much!

Drita is very gracious and her personality is effervescent.  She laughed a lot during the interview.  I could feel her excitement as she explained how, while creating a line that is focused on filling the needs of the everyday woman, she thought back over all the feedback on products that women gave her over the years.  Drita is focused!  I am so happy she is living her dream and I can not wait to try her line.


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  1. I love Drita! I am so happy for her not to mention her lipsticks are amazing. Will be back in mall tomorrow to check out some more colors.She is more beautiful in person and loves her fans.Truely was a honor to meet her today and I hope I get the chance again! Good Luck Drita on all your success,you deserve it. Cant wait for Mobwives to start to see Drita every Sunday. xo

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