‘dallas’: battles, blackmail & a big, big bang

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Episode nine of DALLAS on TNT starts off with John Ross and Elena talking. John Ross still has not come clean to Elena about why he was in Veronica’s hotel room. The truth will eventually come out…that’s the way of the world.

Christopher and Rebecca seem to be getting closer but Christopher says it will take time to get back to where they were. Tommy is keeping pressure on Rebecca to get Christopher’s plans and his key card. Apparently Tommy is in cahoots with Cliff Barnes’ “assistant”, Frank!!! WHA….? Is he doing this for Cliff or is he doing this for himself?!

Harris visits Sue Ellen. He knows she bribed the Medical Examiner to fix Veronica’s autopsy results. Harris is trying to temp her to drink and help him with laundering some money. This man is dirty!

John Ross wants to slant drill Southfork from the Henderson Ranch and Bobby is willing to hear him out. Christopher is not happy about this but Booby insists that the whole family work together to get Southfork back. But suddenly something comes over Bobby! He can’t see or feel his face and is rushed to the hospital! Be suffered a brain seizure from a cerebral aneurysm but is still cancer free and he insists on going home.

John Ross doesn’t know that Bobby has cancer but Elena tell him. Looks like John Ross intends to use this information against Bobby and sends a message via Bum to JR that “his brother is dying”.

The news about Bobby brings JR back home. Bobby regrets selling Southfork and is longing to find peace for the Ewing family. Christopher agrees to end his fight against John Ross drilling Southfork if he gets JR to sign the deed back over to Bobby. Christopher wants peace for his father and John Ross is the only person who can help make that happen. JR refuses to sign the Ranch over. John Ross is still a lost little boy at times but very much a chip off the ol’ block at other times. He is getting harder and harder to read…I LOVE THAT! His character has much more depth than originally perceived.

Sue Ellen visits Ann and tells her that Harris is blackmailing her. Sue Ellen is stuck and looks like she will be pulling out of the race for Governor…or will she? If we know Sue Ellen…and I think we do, she will stick in the race. I certainly want her to.

Christopher and John Ross decide to go into business together to form a new company that drills for oil and uses the proceeds to fund alternative energy development. Elena is part of the company and they welcome Bobby as a partner as well. Bobby was shocked but this seems to be a good way for the younger Ewing boys to end the rivalry and work together. Meanwhile, in an act of good will, JR signed the deed to Southfork back over to Bobby! What is happening with this family?!

Rebecca tells Tommy that she does not have Christopher’s key car. He is furious. Because of his recent threat on her life, Rebecca goes to retrieve a gun from a lockbox. I just hope she is ready to protect herself because Tommy shows up at Rebecca’s apartment and starts beating her. They fight something awful and she pulls the gun on him…they struggle…then…bang! But who was shot?

Bobby gets a call from his attorney about more evidence that could prove JR was involved in the deal to steal Southfork and when he is asked if he is prepared to send his brother to jail, Bobby has another seizure… possibly the aneurysm ruptures and off to the hospital he goes.

The last 10 minutes of every episode is jam-packed with so much…

The season 1 finale airs next Wednesday. Previews indicate this is going to be a hot episode. Keep an eye out for my post reflecting on season 1 sometime after the season finale airs.

Stay tuned for updates, recaps and my opinion on the show each week.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.

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