pick of the week: the backwards cardigan

Ever thought about turning your cardigan backwards and showing off your back a bit?  Ty, Dallasite and voice behind fashion and style blog Words and Wardrobes, did just that…with my request.

Honestly, I am sure this is not the first time someone has worn a cardigan backwards but Ty has such fantastic style, that is why I asked her to send me looks featuring a backwards cardigan.

Fall fashions have hit the stores…I wanna see more backwards cardigans ladies!  It is a bit daring and I really love the look.  It makes people do a double take and ask, “Is she wearing that backwards?!”.  Then they answer themselves with, “Oh yes…and I like it!”.

I am a cardigan girl and always have one with me.  I don’t spend much on them either.  I always find great cardigans at Old Navy and Nordstrom.  Also my seamstress will whip up a few for me each fall.  (FYI, every woman must have a reliable personal seamstress!  We will talk more about that next week. ;))

Take inspiration from Ty!  How will you remix your cardigans this fall?