‘dallas’: bribes, discovery & jail house confessions

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Episode eight of DALLAS on TNT picks right up with John Ross at the police station. Confronted by Elena, John Ross has to explain why he was in Veronica’s hotel room. He explains his actions and why he was there but it doesn’t seem that he is believed by the police…or Elena, in my opinion. That scratch on his neck, came back to bite him…DNA! In order to get out of this, John Ross has to talk…rather, sing like a bird.

Sue Ellen visits to tell John Ross that she supports him and that he will be represented by the best. John Ross admits to having an affair with Veronica but does not share anything more with Sue Ellen. She tells him not to protect JR but at this point; but protecting JR is how John Ross protects himself. Will he give this up?

Christopher and Rebecca discuss what’s next now that she is carrying twins. Being a good father is what Christopher commits to but Rebecca want more. Rebecca wants to move past what happened and Christopher is unsure. Christopher asks the Dallas Sheriff for a background check on her. Is this a sign that he will get back with her if she is not a criminal? I want to know!

Still in jail, John Ross meets with the lienholder of Southfork accusing him and his men of having the tape of him leaving Veronica, alive. John Ross wants to come clean and suffer the fraud charge over murder. Since he is in jail…no oil is being pumped and the lienholder tells him his time is up. This guy is going to take Southfork to get the oil, but what about those mineral rights? Meanwhile, Rebecca and Ann seem to be getting closer now and it seems to be because of the babies. Is this Ann’s way of coming to terms with her past?

The lienholder of Southfork shows up to talk to Bobby. He lays out the details of the Southfork deal and threatens to take ownership of the ranch. Bobby shares that John Ross failed to tell him that he owns the mineral rights and kicks him out. This does not bode well for John Ross. He gets beat to a bloody pulp in jail. Bobby is still looking for proof to show the sale of Southfork was a fraud and while meeting with his attorney, the family learns that John Ross has been hurt and they rush to the hospital.

Sue Ellen is conflicted and is really struggling with that to do to help her son. She remains the Sue Ellen of old, constantly in conflict with herself. She has mentioned several times throughout the season that she was not there for him while he was growing up but what is she willing to do for him now is all that really matters.

Christopher sits with John Ross and tries to find out what happened. John Ross tell him that if the lienholder doesn’t get the oil, he’s dead. Christopher knows there is more and John Ross tells him about the tape and how it could be used to help or, if manipulated, hurt him. John Ross is dealing with a lot of regrets right now but is only sharing enough information with everyone to get the help he needs. He can’t give up too much without exposing himself and JR.

Bobby concedes to begin to pump oil to save John Ross but Christopher thinks he has a better offer. Christopher goes to meet with the lienholder to discuss his methane hydrate project. He offers exclusive rights to use his technology in South America in exchange for the tape that will exonerate John Ross. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen visits the lab and demands that medical examiner report investigating Veronica’s death reflects suicide not murder. She is playing dirty by saying she will expose the medical examiner for writing a high number of prescriptions considering all the people he sees are dead. Oops! She pulls the Conrad Murray card on the guy! Sue Ellen wanted to run a clean campaign for Governor but it looks like she is having to risk herself and political future for her son.

JR is still living it up but his flunky Bum calls to tell him about John Ross and he returns to visit his son in the hospital. I am not sure why JR is taking this backseat role and letting his son deal with all of this. There is something more than just Cliff Barns that has JR away from Southfork and I can’t wait for it to come out.

As the episode draws to a close, Christopher’s deal was accepted. The charges against John Ross are dropped because the police have located the video. The false medical examiner report had nothing to do with charges being dropped and because of this the report actually let the real killers go. Meanwhile, Christopher’s background check on Rebecca is in and it’s clean. He apologizes to her but still has reservations. Will he fall for her again? I think he will because he sees the happiness between John Ross and Elena. He can’t change that so he may opt to work things out with Rebecca. I hope he moves on!

Tommy, Rebecca’s brother, resurfaces. He is still snooping Christopher’s email and learns that Exxon visited him. Tommy sees nothing but dollar signs and wants to the extortion plan to go back into effect…with Rebecca’s help. He is pressuring Rebecca to steal the methane hydrate technology. THEN HE KISSES HER!! GUESS WHAT?!?!?! TOMMY IS NOT HER BROTHER! I had a feeling they were not brother and sister all along but now it is confirmed ;and Tommy threatens to expose their relationship to Christopher if she does not help him. At this point, Rebecca is stuck between a rock and a hard place. What side will she choose?

2 episodes of Dallas are left before the end of season 1. I am starting to think back over the season for highs and lows. Look for that post sometime after the season finale airs.

Stay tuned for updates, recaps and my opinion on the show each week.

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