pick of the week: white earrings

White earrings!  I am loving this fashion trend.  Lots of designers are creating white earrings that are classy and meant for everyday wear.  White earrings are very sophisticated and have moved out of the “just for brides” category.  As a jewelry designer, I have experimented with an all white earring (look left) and the reviews have been great.

A white earring brightens, really stands out and brings the focal point up to your face.  When I wore this pair I also had on coral and turquoise…great colors that go with white.  But try a white earring with yellow or chartreuse.  That would look amazing as well!

Yes, even a simple white earring is bold; it totally changes your look…so give this trend a try this summer.  Here are a couple other examples to get you thinking of how to work white earrings into your jewelry wardrobe.