all about beauty week: i love lip balm, you should too

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Everyone has their favorite beauty products.  Many of you emailed me this week with your beauty product picks and I enjoyed reading them.  Some of them I am even looking forward to trying.  As All About Beauty Week draws to a close, y’all just knew that I wouldn’t let it end without talking about my favorite thing on the face of the earth…LIP BALM!  It is my all-time favorite beauty product and I can not live without it.

If you read Pop Goes The City™ , you already know how I feel about lip balm and you know how I feel about the amazing lip balm by Sara Happ, The Lip Slip.  I have been using The Lip Slip since the summer of 2011 and can not get over how kissable smooth my lips remain throughout the day.  I am now a HUGE fan of The Lip Slip Gloss…I carry both products in my bag at all times.

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Why do I love this lip balm and gloss over the balm I used to wear: M.A.C. Lip Conditioner?  I love the Sara Happ lip balm and gloss because they are super emollient, highly moisturizing products that do not wear off with eating and drinking.  I love that they are thicker and last longer thus saving me product and money.  I also love that they are colorless and flavorless.  I like for a lip balm to be uncomplicated.  Colorless, flavorless, emollient and very moisturizing…how many more reasons do you need to buy it and try it for yourself?!

My recommendation: Get The Lip Scrub and The Lip Slip both by Sara Happ.  Scrub your lips once or twice a week, slather on the slip after each scrub and anytime your lips need a pick me up throughout the day.  Then kiss lots of people to show just how smooth your lips are! 😉

Where can you find it in the Dallas area?: Forty Five Ten on McKinney and Julep in Plano at The Shop at Legacy.  There are a couple other places too…but these are my favorite spots.

I am a Sara Happ fan and I would love for her to parley into lipstick.  Can you imagine a full line of superior moisturizing lipsticks?!  Sara, come on…let me put the bug in your ear about why we need you to make that happen!