all about beauty week reader question: do you wear lashes?

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I love reading emails from people who want to make extended comments or ask questions.  Day four of All About Beauty Week is focused on a reader question: “Do you wear lashes?”.  I actually received this question via email from 6 ladies in two days.  This is an indication that many women are considering wearing lashes and could be interested in the response, so I thought I would address it publicly on the blog.

At this time I do not wear lashes but I fake it really well with great mascara.  I have thought about investing in lash extensions but I am not too keen on anyone messing around my eyes so I have not done more than general research on best places to go and costs involved.

Lash extensions are not a cheap, fashion trend but they do offer a more dramatic look.  Lash extension application and up keep is a financial investment in your beauty…to put it nicely…and as I would tell any woman, if you can not afford to keep it up, don’t do it.  False lashes are a more flexible and can be removed/reapplied daily…like Lee Press On style but for the eyes.  M.A.C. has a great line of false lashes at about $15 each pair and in “The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!” by Victoria Snee, she recommends the Shu Uemura line of false lashes.  They run about $13 and up.

If you are still unsure about someone messing around your eyes,  fear the glue used to apply false lashes or if you are simply looking to follow a trend, stick with a good mascara like M.A.C. False Lashes or Benefit BADgirl Lash.  They are each $19 and offer a super, powerful looking pair of eyes!  For those who want to know, I wear M.A.C. Studio Fix Lash.  A couple of coats of this non clumping mascara makes my eyes POP!