give your iphone personality with paper’d

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By now, everyone knows that I have made the switch from a BlackBerry to an Apple iPhone.  I love to customize my phone and am always searching for new ways to make my iPhone look unique.  Last month Mashable published a feature about a new wallpaper app.  The creators of Paper’d call it a “lifestyle-inspired iOS wallpaper app”.

Their wallpapers are very modern, colorful and let you show off your favorite daily affirmation, heritage, state, location, zipcode…almost anything.  Designs are available in single download or you can download a whole collection if you love it that much.

I am a bit of a nut so, I update my wallpaper daily.  The high-end designs are beautiful and each comes with a home screen and locked screen option.  The app has features 200+ free wallpapers available for download as well as premium wallpapers for purchase through the app.

Don’t you just love when you can customize things?!  I know I do!


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