@LeslieTypes: Texas by Bond No. 9 (Yeah…I know I’m late)

In the Want of the Day Friday I mentioned Bond No. 9 New York is one of my favorite fragrance brands.  (Click here to read about it!)  While out today in Saks 5th Avenue at Galleria Dallas, I found something that truly warms my Texas lovin’ heart.

Can you believe this?! Texas by Bond No. 9 is one of the few scents the brand has created that is not New York inspired and has been out for about a year.  It was created as a limited edition fragrance exclusive to Saks 5th Avenue, Texas stores. How I missed Texas by Bond No. 9, I don’t know…but I am one happy camper to know that Bond No. 9 New York honored my state with a lush fragrance combination.

Texas by Bond No. 9 smells of bergamot, black currant, gardenia, hedione, vetiver, cardamom as well as other yummy notes.

I did not purchase Texas by Bond No. 9 today but I did purchase a few of their other scents.  Saks 5th Avenue at Galleria Dallas only has a few flacons left so hurry and buy it, girls…& guys…it’s unisex! Please save me one!

What are your thoughts?

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