Want of the Day~July 29, 2011

Bond No. 9 New York is one of my favorite fragrance brands.  This week I found out via the @Nordstrom twitter feed that select stores carry the brand!

image via bondno9.com

If you are not familiar, Bond No. 9 New York is a collection of male, female and unisex fragrances with a New York flair.  All of the fragrances have names that represent something unique to New York City such as Chinatown, Broadway Nite and Lexington Avenue.

image via bondno9.com

If you have not had the pleasure to smell these amazing fragrances, contact the Nordstrom near you to inquire if they carry Bond No. 9 New York.  I hope I am able to find my favorites at the Nordstrom location in Stonebriar Centre, Frisco.

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