The Only Paper Clip You’ll Ever Need

I am obsessed with this clip…and you will be too!

You may have seen this clip on social media or in the post about my new planner.

The OliClip, created by architect Daniel Oakley, is super popular in the planner community, but these reusable magnetic clips can be used as a place holder or anywhere paper needs to be organized and held together.



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The Essential Planner empowers you to create time for the real essentials of life: faith, family, and happiness.

Available in an array of sizes, colors, designs, and textures, the OliClip is made of two small magnets in a flexible covering. They easily attach to any metal surface, like a refrigerator at home and filing cabinets in the office.

Each clip can hold more than 15 sheets of paper. I personally like to use OliClips to separate sections of my planner for quick access and to mark my place in books I am reading.

Because I don’t really like to decorate my planner as much as others, OliClips give me a bit of flair and design without crimping or ruining pages with regular paper clips.

Check out the OliClip Etsy shop to see the full collection. You’ll be glad you did! But don’t get mad at me if you blow your budget for the week buying clips. 🤣

This post has been sponsored by OliBlock and OliClip.


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