Georgia-Based Café Intermezzo Comes To Plano

This is not your average coffeehouse.

Image courtesy of Café Intermezzo

The Viennese, 19th century-inspired, Café Intermezzo quietly opened at The Shops at Legacy in early April, in a space build out to reflect the ambiance of a 300-year-old European coffeehouse.

With more than 100 beverage selections, 60 varieties of tortes, cakes and pies and European-inspired food, Café Intermezzo is intended to be the intermission (intermezzo) in your day, as well as your last stop of the evening for a nightcap.

Grilled Avocado Salad with Crabcake

In true European style, Café Intermezzo invites guests to take their time when they visit. Enjoying multiple courses with wine over several hours is very common. After the main dish, take the dessert tour to select the perfect ending to your meal. And if you are up to it, ask for a wine pairing with your dessert selection or opt for an espresso based drink from the larger than life espresso machine behind the bar.

Café Intermezzo is open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday and until 1am Thursday through Friday.

What are your thoughts?

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