Enjoying the Sun, Responsibly

As the first day of summer approaches, who doesn’t want to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather?

But before going out for a little fun in the sun, make a committment to enjoying the sun responsibly. Taking the vital step of considering how best to protect the health of your skin during the season. It is well-known that the consequences of overexposed skin to the sun – sunburns, wrinkling, and possibly skin cancer – are the result of not properly and consistently taking precautions.

“You can enjoy the pool and beach this summer while still being responsible and remaining cognizant of skin protection needs,” says Stacey Garrett, esthetician and owner of Sweet Lemon Spa in Addison. “Most people spend more time than they realize out in the sun, so even if they are wearing clothing that provides some sun protection, it’s best to apply a sunscreen all over and then reapply every 3.5 hours or every hour if in the water. Allow the sunscreen a few minutes to sink into the skin before diving back into the water”.

Remembering to reapply sunscreen is a very important action many forget. Setting an alarm on a cell phone might be one of the most helpful ways to remember to this.

Between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, the UV rays are stronger, even on cloudy days. During these times, reapply sunscreen as often as you can – every couple of hours or even every hour, if possible.

-Stacey Garrett

Protecting the skin on the body and on the face often requires two different sunscreens. Consult your dermatologist about the level of exposure and the SPF best for your needs, then invest in ones that suit you. “Make sure to use a sunscreen on the face that is made for the face,” says Garrett. “I have made the grand mistake of using a sunscreen for body on my face and it quickly ends up in your eyes, causing irritation. Also, do not forget your lips – you should wear a lip balm with SPF as well.”

What you wear while outdoors matters. Clearly no one will swim full clothed, but when not in the water, additional sun protection can come from your attire. “Floppy hats, even baseball caps, cowboy hats, cover-ups with long sleeves, and being under a canopy or umbrella are great physical sun protection options.”

Stacey Garrett is the owner of Sweet Lemon Spa in Addison, Texas, and creator of the Sweet Lemon Signature Facial, a proprietary protocol designed to leave the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and rejuvenated. As a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and reinvention specialist, Garrett offers a unique combination of services including custom facials, microcurrent facials, therapeutic massage, waxing and more.