5 Things You Need To Eat This Week – Dallas & Plano

Welcome to 5 Things You Need to Eat This Week, a column that highlights some of the most delicious dishes and some of the coolest locations to dine in Dallas and Collin counties.

At the moment, I am unsure if this will be a weekly column, or if I will just post at random – after I have I’ve enjoyed some amazing food in an equally amazing atmosphere.

As always, if you have a dish or location suggestion for me, please use the contact form to let me know.

Now, let’s dig in…

Where: Super Chix – Addison or Richardson
What: Nashville Hot Sandwich – fried chicken covered in a killer Nashville hot sauce and thick cut pickles served on a potato bun

I would describe this Nashville Hot sauce as warm, not hot. The chicken is marinated in the sauce, then breaded in a seasoned, spicy batter. After the chicken is deep-fried, it is dipped in to the Nashville Hot sauce before being placed on the bun.

If you are not a fan of hot food items, ask for the sauce on the side instead of on the chicken. The marinade and the spicy batter will be just enough heat for you! If you are still unsure, get a regular chicken sandwich with the Nashville Hot sauce on the side and try it that way.

Where: Water Grill Dallas – Uptown
What: Wild Ross Sea Chilean Sea Bass– Cauliflower puree, lemon chutney, hazelnuts, brown butter

I would describe the fish is this dish like butter. The fish will melt in your mouth! The lemon livens it up with a little freshness and the brown butter adds a nice nutty flavor to go along with the hazelnuts.

Enjoy this dish with a side of Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Chestnuts. You can thank me later for the recommendation. (I am not sure how often the menu at Water Grill Dallas is change, so go grab this while you can.)


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Where: Public School 972 – Addison
What: The Hot Mess – Smoked turkey, Grafton cheddar, caramelized onions, pickled jalapeno, fries and caramelized onion au jus

This sandwich is so freakin’ good! The turkey is chopped and it blends well with the cheese. The jalapeno were not hot…like my mouth was not even warm. But if you don’t like jalapeno, ask to have them removed from the sandwich.

Be sure to dip it in the caramelized onion au jus…even if you don’t like onions. It’s truly better that way.

Where: Taverna Rossa, Plano – Lakeside Market
What: The Bees Knees – Spicy red sauce, hot sopressata, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, drizzled with Texas honey

If you follow me on Instagram (@LeslieTypes) you have seen me mention this pizza often. This is probably my favorite pizza on earth.

Yes, the idea of honey on a pizza is odd…but give it a try. The sight sweetness with the spice of the sauce and the salty of the hot sopressata is mind-blowing.

Where: Mah-Jong Chinese Kitchen – Plano, Lakeside Market
What: Mah-Jong Orange Beef – Crispy Beef in a Tangy Sun Dried Orange Peel Sauce

I was a bit unsure about this dish because I don’t care for orange flavored food. I am not an orange chicken kind of girl. I ordered it anyway and I am very glad that I did.

The beef is super tender, and remains quite crispy despite being covered in a delicious, warm sauce with only the slightest hint of orange.

Do not walk into this restaurant thinking that all chinese food is the same. There is something really special about the dishes here but, I can’t put my finger on it. So, I will have to just keep going back until I can figure it out.