“The Trump Survival Guide” by Gene Stone: Book Review

The Trump Survival Guide

I received a copy of this book for review from Dey Street Books of HarperCollins Publishers. The opinions shared below are my own.


The Trump Survival Guide,” a new book from New York Times Bestselling Author Gene Stone, is a call-to-action against what many fear will be a suppressive presidency, and is a blueprint for how to become an informed activist.

In the book, Stone gives a concise look at the history behind several political and social concepts – including such issues as Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Obamacare, International relations, and LGBTQ Rights – along with how past presidents have confronted (or avoided) these issues.

Each chapter begins with a brief historical recap of an issue. Next, Stone gives a refresher of how President Obama addressed the issue. Then, based on campaign rhetoric, he suggests how President Trump might address the issue. Finally, Stone ends each chapter offering advice to readers on how to become informed activists and how to protect themselves and the people they love.

I enjoyed reading this book because it provides great historical context to some of the most important issues this country faces. In addition, the book is a resource guide for individuals looking to gain knowledge to create change. Knowing the past is the best way to navigate to a better future. Stone encourages a well-informed, grassroots uprising by those willing to put in the work to see the change they desire. (Doesn’t that sound like someone else we know?! 🤔)

This is not the first time Stone has penned a book aimed at helping people cope with a political power shift in this country. In 2004, “The Bush Survival Bible” offered 250 ways to manage life during a W presidency.

The Trump Survival Guide” is available now – get a copy here. I think people will enjoy reading it, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.