Dallas Off the Clock: Whiskey and Bourbon Cocktails

Welcome to Dallas Off the Clock, a weekly column that highlights some of Dallas’ most innovative, exciting, and delicious cocktails.

This week’s guide highlights three cocktails made with whiskey or bourbon. Each one of these has roots in a more traditional variation, but they have a little something extra that elevates the finished product.

Image credit: The Porch

Image credit: The Porch

Spiced Manhattan, The Porch – Dallas

If the Manhattan is your cocktail of choice, consider this one. Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Cinzano Sweet Vermouth and Apple Cinnamon Shrub are stirred and served with an orange twist.

This drink is a play on the traditional Rye Manhattan. The house made Apple Cinnamon Shrub gives this cocktail a seasonally appropriate mix of flavors.


Image credit: Houlihan's

Image credit: Houlihan’s

Seasonal Whiskey Smash, Houlihans – Dallas

If you’d rather have a whiskey smash, consider this drink. Knob Creek Rye Whiskey, simple syrup and house-made sour is shaken with fresh blackberries and mint, then topped with ginger beer. This cocktail is slightly sweet, a little peppery and packs a boozy punch.

Scoop: This cocktail is seasonal because they change out the berries based on what’s in peak season. If you were interested in trying this variation, hurry over before it’s gone. 


Image credit: Grayson Social

Image credit: Grayson Social

Beef and Bourbon, Grayson Social – Dallas

Who doesn’t like a side of meat with their bourbon?! Grayson Social recently opened and they are doing it with a bang. Bourbon, maple syrup, myrrh, cypress, and honey come together with a side of in-house cured beef jerky for the perfect sip and nosh combo.

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