Agendas Are Here!!! (OPEN! Fun inside!), the super cool LA-based lifestyle brand with a passion for fun, has released a new collection of 17-month agendas.

New covers, a new size, more stickers and more notes pages are just a few of the exciting features in the collection. fans got a chance to share their ideas for improvement and what they would like to see in this year’s agenda collection.

From Jen Gotch, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

It’s so amazing to have such an engaged customer base, and I love giving them what they want. It makes me really happy to see them happy!

More than 50,000 die-hard Agenda VIPs got the chance to order their agenda and accessories 72 hours before they were released to the public. (I am one of the 50,000!)

Last year’s editions sold-out quick, prompting requests from customers wanting to order. Don’t let this happen to you! Get your new agenda now!! Prices range from $20 to $32.

Here’s the agenda that stole my heart…


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