Beauty Myth: It’s Ok To Lick Off Lip Scrub…It’s Just Sugar

Getty Images: Credit Chris Ryan

Getty Images: Credit Chris Ryan

With all of the matte lipsticks on the market right now, smooth lips are a must. Using a lip scrub is a great way to gently buff away dry skin before applying a moisturizing balm.

But what’s up with licking the scrub off after scrubbing lips?!

Eeek! That’s just gross! The scrub has been used to remove dry skin from the lips. Why would anyone think it’s ok to lick that off?!

I’ll tell you why. Lip scrubs are typically sugar-based and have amazing scents and flavors. I mean, that’s why we have our favorites, right? It smells good. And sugar IS a food product. Soooo, lip scrubs are food! Well, no they are not. Some lip scrubs have petroleum in them. I’m not sure why anyone would be interested in eating that. Anyway…

The next time you use a lip scrub, pause before you lick it off and ask yourself a question. Would I lick off my sugar based body scrub?

If the answer is no, stop licking off lip scrub after use! You are using it to clean and smooth your lips. Licking it off post use is just unsanitary. Not to mention, licking lips causes dryness – the very thing you are trying to avoid.

So what do you do instead? Fresh suggests users rinse off the scrub with a damp towel. This is much better than licking it off, y’all!

What do I do? I rinse my lips with tepid water, pat to remove excess water, and quickly apply a balm to seal in the moisture. (Then I find someone to kiss!! 😘)


2 responses to “Beauty Myth: It’s Ok To Lick Off Lip Scrub…It’s Just Sugar

  1. I mean, as gross as it sounds, we’re eating the dead skin on our lips all day whenever we lick/bite them, subconsciously or not. I don’t do it because my lips get dry without the help of me licking them, but it’s still not technically bad for you. I think it’s all personal preference.

    • Lip biting and lip licking (as mentioned in the post) is not a healthy or ideal habit and shouldn’t be considered ok just because people do it, in my opinion. I challenge “technically not bad for you”. I would call willing eating a byproduct of oil, that has no proven beauty benefit externally or internally at all, bad. Lol!

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