Beauty Myth: Mushing Lips Together Evenly Distributes Lipstick  


You’ve just picked up the newest must-have lipstick shade and you can’t wait to try it out.

First swipe. (It goes on so smooth.)

Second swipe. (This is a nice shade for me.)

Third swipe. (I really dig this formula!)

Lip rub – mush, mush, mush (I look so good!!!! Whoa! What happened?!)

You found the perfect lipstick, it applied well and looked nice…but how did you get lipstick on your teeth and all around your mouth? Why is the shade so patchy now?

After applying lipstick, you mashed your lips together. Where this horrible habit came from, doesn’t even matter at this point. I just want you to stop doing it. (I don’t care which you tuber you saw do it…stop doing it! Seriously!)

Mushing your lips together thinking it will evenly distribute lipstick is a beauty myth. It actually makes it easier for the lipstick to get inside of your mouth, on your teeth and creates an uneven, patchy look…thus causing you to apply more and repeat the cycle.

So, what should you do instead?

Apply lipstick as you would normally…without mushing your lips together. Clean up around your lips with concealer to make sure it’s even. Then take your index finger, pop in your mouth in the center of your lips and pull straight out. This removes any lipstick that might have made its way just inside your mouth during application. If you feel you have been heavy-handed in your application, blot your lips with a tissue…don’t mush your lips together.

There you go. You’re done! Your lipstick is even and you look marvelous.

Scoop: This works with all lipstick formulas, including liquid.


2 responses to “Beauty Myth: Mushing Lips Together Evenly Distributes Lipstick  

  1. I didn’t know this! goin’ be hard to stop old habits, but I’m going to try next time!

    • Yes, most women do have this habit and it’s hard to stop but it can be done. Now I seem to only do it when I have lip balm on. I’m trying to stop doing all together.

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