GLAMGLOW Gives Lips A Fizzy Makeover with POUTMUD

POUTMUD, a powerful two-step lip care treatment, is the latest to join the lineup of luxury skincare products from GLAMGLOW.

As the most affordable offering from GLAMGLOW, POUTMUD ($39 on consists of a dual-action (granular to fizzy foam) lip scrub (about .88 oz) to gently exfoliate dry, dead skin and an ultra-rich, petroleum-free lip balm (about .88 oz) to moisturize and restore lips.

Intrigued?! Let’s take a look at this lip duo in more detail.

Lip Scrub:

This dual-action scrub exfoliates dry, dead skin with Caribbean cane sugar, Hawaiian sea salt and hibiscus flower powder. A blend of sweet almond oil, guava, cherimoya, star fruit, lychee and mangosteen make this an antioxidant-rich powerhouse for the lips. The scrub includes GLAMGLOW’s signature TEOXI technology in the form of Moroccan mint leaf. This is the standout ingredient, providing the minty element.

Wet Balm:

The balm is super shiny (wet look) and is infused with sweet almond, tamanu and babassu oils, cocoa, murumuru and shea butters and kombucha extract, in addition to the TEOXI Moroccan mint leaf.

The balm is not a typical balm. It does not contain petroleum and it is not really a solid. It reminds me of a gel or even a jelly type consistency.

How it’s used:

Apply the scrub to lips and massage for 10 seconds, then add water to activate the fizzing. Massage the lips a few more seconds and rinse.

It is recommended that the scrub be used 2-3 times a week. Use the balm anytime. If lips are cracked, skip the scrub and opt for the balm only.

What I love:

-GLAMGLOW knows how to package a product! From the twisting box design to the silver orbs, I really like the sleek look of this product.

-The scrub is very nice. I like the dual action and the scent, thanks to the Moroccan mint leaf. The balm is velvety smooth and comforting to the lips.

-The price point is fabulous. It comes in just under the cost of a lip scrub/lip slip duo from Sara Happ. (The brand I believe to be GLAMGLOW’s competitor in the lip product arena.)

What I hate:

-I don’t like that the silver coating around the underside of the lip of the lids on the orbs flakes off, and falls into the balm or scrub. This product is going on lips and therefore will end up in the mouth and ingested. I don’t think that silver coating is good to ingest.

-GLAMGLOW over does the mint – it’s very strong. For balance, one of the products should not contain the Moroccan mint leaf. It’s just too much. Mint in the balm alone would have been nice. 

-The taste of the scrub is HORRIBLE. It tastes like minty baking soda to me. I don’t care for that flavor.

-This balm does not last long on the lips. (I like a thicker balm.) Therefore, I have used a lot of the balm compared the scrub. Since these products are not sold separately (there is a plan to do so), if the balm is used up, a whole new product duo would have to be purchased just to get the balm. I DON’T LIKE THAT!

In the end, and despite the things I don’t like about POUTMUD, it is VERY effective. After using the product for two full weeks, my lips are smoother, supple and have an overall healthier appearance.

GLAMGLOW has created a truly unique lip duo and I will likely continue to use it, over my coveted Sara Happ.

**Note: I understand that people have issues using lip products out of pots. Many say it’s unsanitary. Indeed if your fingers aren’t clean, it is unsanitary. Most of us have been taught to avoid putting our fingers in our eyes, nose and mouth when they aren’t clean. The same rule applies to potted cosmetic products. Don’t put your fingers in there if they aren’t clean. Be aware of what you do with your hands before using products in pots. Does this mean washing your hands before using a potted lip product? YES! Using something to scoop out the lip scrub and a lip brush to apply the lip balm are options as well.

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