Allie Coosh Celebrates 23 Years With Realtor Fashion Show

Realtors on the Runway at Allie-CooshOn September 23rd Allie-Coosh celebrates 23 years of being the longest running ladies boutique in Snider Plaza. Fashion designer Paulette Martsolf is grateful for her clients who have sustained her beloved brand which all started with a pajama collection, of all things. Who doesn’t love a stylish, yet comfy pajama? Among Paulette’s long standing clientele of Park Cities women are a generous amount of Dallas’ power house realtors, inspiring her to feature them in her fashion show celebration event.  Please join us to applaud Paulette’s supporters and anniversary runway models including Doris Jacobs of Allie Beth Allman, Joan Eleazer of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, Karen Fry of Dave Perry Miller, Shelby Fuqua of Virginia Cook and Kelly Logsdon Rush of Ebby HallidayThese, plus other models will be showcasing Paulette’s everyday wear, her new AC Couture Studio designs and will help debut Paulette’s new line of hand crafted leather handbags.

6726 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 363-8616