nailing it: meet samara, creator of trust fund beauty

TFBThe words bold, edgy and conscious adequately describe Trust Fund Beauty.

Trust Fund Beauty is a high-end, 7 free, cruelty free, non-toxic and vegan beauty brand, with a current focus on nail polish.

Serving up a “lifestyle in a bottle” comes easy for creator Samara Granofsky, whose daily life is the impetus for many of the tongue in cheek names (e.g. I Give Good Tweet, Champagne Problems, Career Socialite, Blow, Money Buys Happiness, etc.) that don each of her beautiful shades. (There is a shade there for everyone.)

Enjoy my interview with Samara, where she dishes on the importance of non-toxic beauty, what’s next for the brand and much more.

Pop Goes the City: How important is it to you to create a brand that is cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan and 7 free?

Samara Granofsky: It was extremely important. This brand came about because when my mother was going thru chemo she wanted a non-toxic option that was ethical with cool names to wear on her nails. We believe that you can have a quality product and be ethical at the same time. Besides animal rights we also believe in human rights and all of our components from the brushes to the packaging is done in Europe or North America where the work environment is regulated.

Beverly Thrills

Beverly Trills

PGTC: Your polishes are beautiful, and the names are super edgy. I have always wanted to be in the room when beauty brands are naming their products. Take me there. How do you guys come up with so many witty, in-your-face names?

SG: The names come from my daily life, things I hear or things I have said such as “Just talk to my Lawyer”. I also get a lot of inspiration from pop culture. The naming process is a lot of fun but can also be stressful as our line and collection grows.

PGTC: I love the TFB packaging. When placed on a shelf amongst traditional shaped bottles, it stands out and has the look of wealth and prestige. Tell me about why you selected this bottle shape?

SG: The bottle was one of the hardest things to choose! I wanted it to be elegant and simple with a classic feel to it. I think we nailed it. Our water-color packaging is my fav and I love it!

PGTC: If you hadn’t launched TFB, what would you be doing?

SG: That’s such a tough question! Probably focusing more on my foundation. And going to a lot more brunches with friends.

PGTC: The name Trust Fund Beauty indicates the line could consist of more than nail polish. What’s the next product for the brand?

SG: So many exciting things, from lip glosses to a highlighter, we will eventually have it all!

Rich Bitch from Trust Fund Beauty is one of the featured products in the inaugural GlossaryBox, the newest box offering from LuxePineapple. If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, do it soon. Thursday is the last day for pre-orders.

Are you ready to check out the full Trust Fund Beauty collection? Visit the brand online to find your perfect shade! If you can’t decide on one, check out their Get Spoiled Monthly option.


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  1. it was so awesome to read your interview!!

    I learned about TFB via a beauty subscription–Petite Vour–and have been addicted to the brand ever since! Just Talk to My Lawyer is what spawned my love for the product. I now have quite a collection of nail polishes and am very much looking to expand upon it.


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