m.pulse is now aob med spa – let’s get all over beautiful

Exciting beauty news came last week – m.pulse Modern Skincare will officially rebrand as “AOB Med Spa“, which stands for All Over Beautiful!

From Diana Mead, CEO:

We are very excited to rebrand as AOB Med Spa which stands for All Over Beautiful! Although, incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in regards to results and service over the last two years, we wanted to re-launch with a name and brand promise that represents our commitment to delivering the best results to all our clients both in Denver and Dallas as well as nationally as we look to expand through franchising this year.

I visited the Willow Bend spa last week to congratulate the staff…and to buy some of their amazing hyaluronic acid serum. After a brief chat with the manager, I left with the feeling that rebranding is the tip of the iceberg and that even greater things are to come.

I have been a fan of m.pulse Modern Skincare since they arrived in North Texas. I am incredibly excited to see the evolution of the brand as it grows and expands as AOB Med Spa.