all about beauty week: niven morgan man made collection



I love exploring men’s grooming products just as much as I love checking out products for women, and when I make a discovery, I get excited.

Niven Morgan has a new men’s grooming collection!

Known for luxurious beauty products and aromatic home fragrances, Dallas-based fragrance designer Niven Morgan has launched a new men’s grooming collection, aimed at helping men achieve a smooth, more comfortable shave.

The Man Made collection offers a range of fragrance-free men’s grooming products that have been created with natural and calming botanical ingredients. From the cleanser/exfoliator to the shave cream to the body wash/shampoo, men will experience easy to use, gentle, nourishing products.

This is the ideal collection for any man wanting a better shave and overall healthier complexion. Ready to put your best face forward, guys?! Find it at Sharla’s on the Historic Downtown Square in McKinney or order it direct from the Niven Morgan website.