interview: angela “big ang” raiola, mob wife & creator of big ang wines

Big Ang portrait

Angela Raiola, aka Big Ang, of VH1’s Mob Wives has launched ‘Big Ang Wines’a sophisticated wine collection for everyday merriment.

Enjoy my interview with the “larger than life” personality known for speaking her mind while trying to keep the peace among her fellow Mob Wives.

Pop Goes the City: You have become a standout personality on Mob Wives! You joined the cast in season 2. How did you come to do the show?

Big Ang: Jennifer Graziano approached me at the bar and asked me if I wanted to be a part of Mob Wives.  I figured I would try it and see if I liked it and if they liked me….here I am.

The public really loves Big Ang too, and as a result, she has been featured in two spinoffs – Big Ang, a show chronicling her life in general and most recently Miami Monkey, a show chronicling the opening of  her new bar in Miami.

PGTC: What do you like most about doing the show?  What do you like least?

BA: Going out with the girls and hanging out with them I like the best.  I don’t like the fighting and the drama.

Season 4 of Mob Wives  brought many changes. Karen, RaMona and Carla have left the show and Alicia & Natalie, aka The Philly Girls or New Blood, have joined the cast. Also, Big Ang has been made an actual cast member in the intro. But one thing hasn’t changed, Big Ang is often still the voice of reason, working hard to keep her fellow cast mates focused and drama free. We all know Big Ang hates drama and she really has her work cut out for her keeping these ladies in line!

BAWPGTC: So, tell me about your wines!

BA: I have Big Ang Wines.  It’s a prosecco, red and a white wine.  I designed the labels, picked out the varietals that I wanted and am starting to meet with distributors so we can get the brand sold nationally.

PGTC: Why did you decide to create wine?

BA: I love wine.  I have my own bar, I always entertain, I have a great fan base and I travel a lot to visit my fans so I wanted to have a wine to go with everything that I do.  I connected with Specialty Marketing Group to import my wines from Italy and here we are.

PGTC: Currently your wines are only available in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Are there plans to add more states to that list?

BA: Yes, we are meeting with distributors all over the US as we speak to open up the brand in all the states.  We just opened Chicago.  I’m going to start to do bottle signings everywhere now.

PGTC: For someone like myself, who lives outside of those areas, where can we purchase Big Ang Wines?

BA: You can purchase my wines at and make sure you follow me at @BigAngWines or my personal Twitter @BiggAngVH1 I always post special promotions for my wines too on my personal website

Big Ang is driven, focused and I cannot wait to try her wine! If you’ve had them, let me know that you think. Post a comment here or send an email via the contact page.