@leslietypes: my hiatus & gearing up for the holiday season

On Holiday

image via dynamichedge.com

Until Thursday, it had been some time since I’d penned anything. I took a much-needed hiatus to prepare for the crazy fun of the holiday season. During my time off, I spent it scouting brands, stores and doing lots of research. In the process, I’ve connected with some great people and even greater brands. Yes – my goal was accomplished!

So, I am back at it and from now until Christmas Eve, I am in holiday mode! This means finishing up the His & Her Holiday Gift Guides featuring some awesome brands, rounding out the 12 Days of Gifting articles with even more awesome brands and maybe preparing for a few exciting local celebrity guest writers penning holiday themed articles. I will have to see how the latter pans out.

I am loving the chill in the air, Dallas! Welcome to the holiday season!