eco-chic: naya shoes

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I love when fashion brands make it part of their commitment to consumers to help preserve the environment. Naya Shoes is dedicated to creating über chic, feminine footwear offering superior comfort, that also helps consumers soften their footprint on the earth, renew their spirit and body.

From the Naya Shoes website:

Whenever possible the Naya shoe collection includes:
Natural or recycled content fabrics
Water-based cements
Footbeds containing natural cork
Outsoles containing natural materials
Boxes made with 80% recycled paper pulp, soy-based inks and water-based glue
Reusable shoe bags and shoe forms made with recycled PET

Eco-Chic is what I call Naya Shoes! I love their latest collection of boots for the chilly season. Leather straps and buckles give the Naya Shoes boot collection a nice twist.

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My favorite pair of the three boot styles is Virtue, a sophisticated short boot. Virtue comes in three colors: Black, Bone and Bordo, a hearty burgundy.

I think a short boot offers move versatility in my wardrobe so I usually opt for this style. What I love most about this boot is the height of the heel, the super soft leather and the plush insoles. These boots are the most comfortable boots in my closet and I am making a good case to myself as to why I need another pair!

Ready to check out the Naya shoe collection?! Head to Nordstrom at Northpark or Galleria Dallas to get your Naya Shoes fix! You can also visit their website to find your favorite pair.

(Scoop: Naya Shoes has great looking flats and wedges! Be sure to check those out too!)