@leslietypes: neiman marcus + target collaboration…not my cup of tea

image via neimanmarcus.com

image via neimanmarcus.com

The most disturbing email in my inbox this morning came from Neiman Marcus, inviting me to shop their new mash-up with Target boasting “…over 50 gorgeous gifts from 24 exceptional designers priced to amaze”.

Notice I said the email came from Neiman Marcus.  I have been a shopper at the luxury brand store for nearly 13 years and have always loved my trips there to see, smell and buy to my heart’s desire however, this “legendary partnership” leaves me wondering, “Why? Why is the partnership happening?”.

As best said by my friend and voice behind Confection Confessions Jayme Campbell…

“What is the point in couture if it is accessible to everyone? It may be harsh, but it is the truth.”

I will come back to this later.

Being the level-headed, fair-minded individual I am, I googled the holiday gift collection to take a look at it.  The thought of ah-mazing luxury designers creating or lending their brands to the development of a co-marketed gift collection between these shopping giants sounds great to most; and I wanted to be wrong in my immediate assessment that this collaboration was off the mark.

After a review of the items in the collection, in a nutshell, I found myself grossly unimpressed with the whole lot!

Truth be told, I find nothing harsh by what Jayme said.  Couture, luxury, high-end brands are not for everyone and that is just being honest.  There are reasons brands like those part of the collaboration are considered high-end.  Price point and exclusivity of the items are only two but are the most obvious reasons.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a line of clothes, shoes, hell even pots and pans being luxury and geared to the high-end shopper. C’mon!!! Rodarte creates beautiful clothing that has been worn by A-list celebrities…not Christmas ball ornaments and wrapping paper!

So…why are luxury brands creating items like a thermos and a collection of Christmas ball ornaments? Why are luxury brands cheapening themselves, in my opinion, to widen their audience?

If they want to widen their audience…if that is really the goal, to create items a larger share of the public can afford…then lower prices, make items of less exclusive nature with a sister line, make a greater commitment to bringing new consumers into your brand and stop dazzling people with one-time hits with discount retailers.

Nonetheless, check out the gift collection for yourself.  People are really loving the collaboration because most of the items are sold out at Neiman Marcus online.