pick of the week: manhattan smells like what…?

image via bondno9.com

Keeping with the topic of fragrances and smelling great, have you met the latest Bond No. 9 scent, Manhattan?

Described on the Bond No. 9 website as “an after-hours shared scent with a high seduction quotient“, Manhattan is a sensual scent created to reflect the heartbeat of New York City’s hottest borough. (FYI, I know all 5 NYC boroughs are hot…hold off on the hate mail!)

Here’s the skinny on the notes in this fragrance:

Topnotes:  nutmeg, saffron, dried flowers, coriander seeds and peach

Heart notes:  honeycomb, black plum, chocolate, gingerbread and Moroccan jasmine

Drydown aka bottom notes: sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and musk

As you can tell, the scent is hearty with spice and earthy elements but also softened with peach.

I love patchouli and sandalwood for fall and winter so I have got to have this!  You can get it too!  Get Manhattan, and all other Bond No. 9 scents, at Saks at Galleria Dallas.

What are your thoughts?

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