@leslietypes: on perspectives with ashley berges

Since my interview with Ashley Berges earlier this year, she has developed and launched a wonderful radio show on KLIF 570.  (Click here to read our interview.)

Perspectives with Ashley Berges focuses on empowering listeners through insightful discussion on important life and social topics.  While guests and contributors provide their perspective on the weekly topics, Ashley offers expert life-changing tools and techniques anyone can implement to make the changes needed to “Live Your True Life”, as the name of her book encourages.

I have always wanted a radio show.  Well…I don’t have one however; I recently I was on Perspectives with Ashley Berges to talk about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence and the small things you can do to stop it.  Click the image above to hear the segment.  To hear the full show from August 26th or full shows from any other date, click here.

Be sure to tune into Perspectives with Ashley Berges every Sunday at 8pm cst on KLIF 570.  You can listen online via KLIF.com or via the I Heart Radio app on any smartphone.  Each week, Pop Goes The City™ will blog show topics as your weekly reminder to tune in.