elegant pillows by deborah main design

Deborah Main, another fabulous vendor I met at Weekender Dallas, creates exceptional pillows featuring unique, one-of-a-kind vintage textiles, trim, and jewelry.  YES, jewelry!  Many of the pillows Deborah had on display for purchase showcased vintage brooches that can be removed from the pillow and worn.  Have you ever heard of this?  I had not and find the concept rather neat and it made me think of how I could begin to build home accessories around some vintage jewelry I have.

Lace and lining from a vintage wedding dress created the pillow to the left.  The use of new and repurposed items make each pillow is a conversation piece, that has a story to tell.  That is what I love most about Deborah’s creations.  From sophisticated to ornate designs, there is a pillow creation for every taste and are real keepsakes.  Deborah Main Designs make great gifts for nearly all occasions!

Deborah Main Designs is based in Austin, so her pillows can be found there, Houston and Beaumont.  Her designs are also sold in Oklahoma and California.  Dallasites can find her creations at the following locations: Casa di Lino at 4026 Oaklawn Avenue or Linen Boutique on 5600 W. Lovers Lane or Peacock Alley on 2050 Postal Way.