‘dallas’: revelations, associations & he’s dead, wrapped in plastic

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Episode ten of DALLAS on TNT starts off revealing that Rebecca shot Tommy in the chest. She gets help cleaning up and removing the body. Who would help her do this?! Man, this girl has a past that has yet to be revealed. OMG!

Bobby has surgery as a result of the seizure but brain damage is possible. Despite Bobby being sleep, JR goes to talk to him. JR tells him to “wake up, keep fighting, keep fighting me…I love you Bobby and I don’t know who I’d be without you.”. What?! This is not the usual JR. I don’t think he would ever want Bobby to die, but JR has a softer side that peeks out every now and then to balance the scoundrel in him.

Rebecca shows up at the hospital…after just killing someone…to console Christopher. Christopher sees all the bruises on her from Tommy. Christopher wants to make the marriage work and wants to protect Rebecca and he knows it was Tommy to hit her. He ask John Ross to get Bum on the job to find out where Tommy is. I say Tommy’s body is floating down the Trinity River by now. Christopher wants Rebecca to put her wedding rings back on…but she gave them to Tommy. She goes to his hotel room to search for them but ends up calling the guys who disposed of Tommy’s body to ask where the body is. I guess she thinks he had the rings on him. Where are those rings?!?!?!

Bobby finally wakes up and begins preparing to go back home. Meanwhile, Rebecca finds out that Tommy’s body is in a van in an airplane hangar. She unwraps his body to search his pockets, where she finds a pawn ticket for the rings. Rebecca goes looking for the rings at the pawn shop. The rings have been sold but shopkeeper agrees to get them back for her.

John Ross surprises Elena and takes her to the new home of Ewing Energies…in the old Ewing Oil office space. While talking about the history of the space and how much Christopher will love it, John Ross asks Elena to marry him…she said yes. Hmmm…not sure how I feel about this. Christopher arrives and notices that Elena is wearing an engagement ring. He wishes them the best, but we all know he still loves her.

Rebecca is having flashbacks of killing Tommy. She and Christopher are stating over and he keeps looking for her to put her rings on. She lies and says she can’t fit them anymore…the pregnancy, you know. This lie is just another in her long line of many, many lies to him. I am actually kind of sick of her character. Her character needs more development.

JR goes to see Bobby before he leaves the hospital to talk. Bobby had just heard from the attorney and he tells JR that he knows about his part in the deal to steal Southfork. JR has been called on the carpet to straighten up and fly right, but if JR is still the JR of old…he will never do that, even if it means he may have to go to prison. Sue Ellen comes to visit with Ann at the hospital to announce that she will drop out of the race and will not launder money for Harris. Ann insists that Sue Ellen stay in the race but how can she when Harris is blackmailing her?!

JR shows up to Southfork with an attorney and they confront John Ross about the videos of him telling Veronica to pretend to be Marta del Sol so he could steal Southfork and drill for oil. All the videos Veronica took were uploaded to a cloud drive and they show everything. John Ross says he will admit to conspiring with Veronica to steal the Ranch if Elena never finds out about it. Elena overhears this, walks in and says “you lied about everything”. She confronts him, takes the ring off and says she can’t trust him. He begs her to meet him the next day at the Ewing Energies office space for a new beginning. What? Another new beginning for these two? I am over this! Elena belongs with Christopher and that is the bottom line.

Ann goes to visit Harris. She tells him he won…but what did he win? She gets him to admit he is blackmailing Sue Ellen into laundering money for him. He propositions her for sex and what does Ann do?! Starts undressing…to show that she wearing a wire and has recorded the whole conversation, tells him to stay away from her family and then punches him in the mouth. Looks like Sue Ellen gets to stay in the race and run for Governor of Texas after all. Later Ann and Sue Ellen meet. Ann gives her the taped confession. Sue Ellen is all in – “I am Texas!”

Cliff sends Frank Ashkani, his flunkie, to talk with Vincente Canoe, the Southfork lienholder, about signing over the Ranch and access to Christopher’s technology to Cliff. Cliff is still trying to get his hands on Southfork!! The FBI ruins this little party to arrest Vincente. Bobby, Christopher and JR meet with Vincente to tell him that Veronica taped everything and there is proof that he and his men killed her, that JR and John Ross signed confessions with the details of the deal and that he is the only one going to prison. The deal to steal Southfork is null and void; Bobby owns the Ranch and Christopher gets to keep his technology rights. I am blown away by the six degrees type situation shaping up here. Cliff, Frank, Vincente…all end up in cahoots because of Tommy! Bobby tells JR that he would not send him to prison but that he kept a copy of the Veronica’s videos and will not hesitate to use them against him should JR cross him again.

John Ross gets a call from Bum that Tommy has been found. Christopher meets Bum at Tommy’s hotel, but the room is empty. The phone rings and a woman on the other end asks him, thinking it was Tommy, to come to Des Moines right away. When he asked who it is, she said, “It’s your sister, Rebecca…who is this.”. Say what?!! Christopher shows up at home to find the fake Rebecca there. He tells her that he spoke to Tommy’s sister, the real Rebecca Sutter and he demands to know who she is. This chick is a con artist. He promises to find out who she is, take the babies and to send her to prison.

Elena boxes up the ring John Ross gave her and heads out to meet him but Christopher comes running up and so it begins… Christopher is reaching out to her. He wants her back and he makes a plea for her. He still had the ring he gave Elena when he asked her to marry him and he gave it back to her…will she or won’t she? Later, Elena’s mom shows up at Ewing Energies to give the ring back to John Ross. For the meantime…Elena picks Christopher and they finally get their time for a romp in bed.

In the final minutes of the show Rebecca is talking to Frank. What?! Yes, Cliff’s flunkie!! It is revealed that she is Cliff’s daughter and was in on the plans steal everything away from the Ewing’s and she brought in Tommy to help do it!! OMG! This means she and Christopher are actually cousins. (Remember…Christopher is adopted…not incest here.) Cliff wants his daughter to get a piece of Ewing Energies…oh and guess what…Cliff was the one who bought the rings from the pawn shop.

John Ross and JR are at the Ewing Energies office space. John Ross is dejected and he has a vendetta. He vows to take Ewing Energies from Christopher and Elena but there is one problem. He can’t do it alone. He agrees to cut his father is for a share of Ewing Energies if JR will teach him all of his dirty tricks to eliminate Elena and Christopher. Wait, where is all that love and mending fences John Ross was talking about?!

That’s it, folks! Season one is over. Now the wait for second season begins. DALLAS on TNT starts its second season in January 2013.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.