‘dallas’: truth, lies & confrontations

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Episode five of DALLAS on TNT puts us 50% into the first season.  The last episode ended in a cliffhanger with Rebecca talking to Christopher about the email.  Rebecca tells Christopher that her brother Tommy sent the email and that she is being blackmailed by John Ross…this led to to do?  PUNCH THE HELL OUT OF TOMMY!!!  Christopher called it a “scam by both of them…for our money” and tells Rebecca to “make sure I never see you again”.  Tommy & Rebecca are kicked out of Southfork.  Tommy is still set on getting money from Christopher & is going to continue to force Rebecca to help him.  Meanwhile, Elena tells John Ross about how Christopher paid her off and says “Christopher & I are done”.

The papers allowing JR to steal Southfork are  finalized & Bobby receives a copy of the paperwork showing JR’s name on the deed.  When confronted by Bobby & Ann, JR lies & says that Marta planned to sell Southfork to Cliff Barns to explain why he stepped in to buy it & announces that Ewing Oil is back in business.  JR has plans to drill section 18, where John Ross & Elena struck oil, to continue the dream of his father.  This is totally against the wishes of Bobby to continue the legacy of Miss Ellie by never drilling on Southfork; & the life long battle between JR & Bobby is back on!!  In all honesty…I was waiting for this moment.  Vintage Dallas!

Bobby is on a mission to make the deal right.  He & Christopher go Lobell’s office but it’s empty… he skipped town, fast.  Bobby learns that Lobell has been lying the whole time & that the real Del Sol group was never involved…it was a total fraud…but the sale of Southfork to JR is valid & it will take a lot of time & careful review of JR’s role in the deal to try to undo it.  Christopher wants to fight JR dirty but Bobby wants to stay above the fray & fight JR his way.  Christopher is sly & has a plan.  Meanwhile, Bobby tells everyone to unpack because “we are not going anywhere”.

John Ross finds out from Elena that he is out of the deal for Southfork & he is livid.  Elena, once again, struggles to trust him.  When John Ross confronts the lady known as Marta, she is bitter & basically said she cut him out of the deal because of the picture of he & Elena.  A woman scorned…  Gosh, I really don’t like her!  And why is she always downing lithium pills?!!  On a side note:  The lady known as Marta has video taped all her sexual interactions with John Ross.  Yikes!  This will come back to bite him.

John Ross & JR meet up at a Dallas Cowboys game to discuss John Ross’ role in the plan to drill on Southfork.  JR leaves town for a while & turns over Power of Attorney to John Ross so he can run things.  Jerry Jones makes a cameo in this episode…along with the second showing of Cowboys Stadium.  Even a few Dallas Cowboys are spotted: Dez & Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Christopher gains entry into John Ross’ apartment & the search for information is on.  He finds a handwritten note just left by the lady known as Marta & a dvd of John Ross having sex with her calling her by her real name – Veronica.  SCORE!!!  Told ya that dvd was going to come back to bite John Ross.

John Ross confronts Bobby to say he is in charge until JR returns; Rebecca & Ann meet to talk.  The game this woman is running is crazy.  I am unsure if she really loves Christopher or not but Ann tells her to come clean with Christopher & ask for a second chance.  Second chance?!?!? Christopher is dumb to fall for this but we shall see…  Meanwhile, John Ross tries to enlist Elena to help him drill on Southfork & she wants no part of it.  Elena turns him down…in, what appears to be, more ways that one.

Christopher is drowning his sorrows in whiskey & contemplating what to do with the dvd he found in John Ross’ apartment.  Who does he go see?  Elena.  This girl has a busy stoop!  He apologized to her for the things he said and ends up sleeping on her couch.  When the morning comes, she is still not over how he hurt her and she confronts him.  As they argue, he pulls the dvd out of his pocket, like he was going to give it to her,  but puts it back… & leaves Wait…WHY?!  I wanted him to show it to her.  She needs to see what John Ross was engaging in while trying to play her as well.

Later Anne goes to talk to Harris Ryland, her ex-husband, to pull their tanker trucks so that John Ross can’t move any oil, thus the drilling will stop.  He agrees to pull his trunks…for a hug.  This guy is shifty…wanting his woman back.

Elena makes John Ross promise he had nothing to do with stealing Southfork.  He lies & says no to get her back… sex appears to he one of his goals because that’s what happens between then.

At the end of the episode, Christopher catches John Ross at his apartment & shows him the dvd as a point to show that John Ross knew Veronica was not Marta Del Sol & that he knew about the deal to steal Southfork.  He tells John Ross he wants proof that JR was in on the deal to right these wrongs.  This leaves John Ross with a difficult choice to make & we have to wait till next week to see what he decides to do.

I am loving that the truth is coming out.  Little by little, this show is hitting its stride I am loving it!

Stay tuned for my updates each week. As the show progresses, I am sure my opinion of it will too.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.