Want of the Day~December 14, 2011

So…I need a pair of cowboy boots.

My dad wears cowboy boots and when I told him I needed to get a pair, he laughed.  Despite living in Texas my whole life, I have never owned a single pair.  I was a total sneaker queen.  When & where most had on boots, I had on sneakers.

Anyway…these are nice…

image via justinboots.com

What do you think?

Justin Made In The USA Goat boots… I want to check these out.

Boot wearers…where do I go to find these?


2 responses to “Want of the Day~December 14, 2011

  1. Leslie, I own 2 pair, blk and brn…luv em. I even have hats. There is a western store called Pinks that has nice boots. There also a western shop in The Westend that has a nice selection…dont remember the name…

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