Want of the Day~December 2, 2011

I wear gel color on my nails instead of polish or acrylics now.  At my last mani/pedi I selected a color for my nails that I normally do not wear, red.  But this red is different and everyone has mentioned me how much they love the color.

I am letting the secret out ladies…

image via gelish.com

(excuse the crude cell phone image)

The name of the color is Queen of Hearts by Gelish.  It’s a festive, shimmery red.  Sorry the picture does not do the color real justice, but trust me…it’s hot!

Get to your salon and request it!  Wear it in good health girls!

Scoop: I like Gelish over OPI Soak Off Gel now because it is lasting much longer.  And remember application matters.  Have gel color applied (and removed) by someone who knows what they are doing!