All Hail the Mambo Taxi

Wednesday’s Mr. Mesero post got me thinking about how much I love Mi Cocina…and the Mambo Taxi.

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They are everything a frozen margarita should be… smooth consistency, great flavor with a pretty pink sangria swirl.  Oh I almost forgot…they are STRONG and they never disappoint!

If you are in Dallas, stop by the location in Galleria Dallas and if you are in Collin County, stop by the location on Preston Road in Plano.


4 responses to “All Hail the Mambo Taxi

  1. Hmmm….I just may have to try this out. At first I was thinking it may be a “girl drink” (lol) but since you say it’s strong, I will have to get it. Never knew this was on Mi Cocina’s menu.

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