Book Review: The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.! By Victoria Snee

SMU grad, AP award-winning journalist, local television/radio co-host and Plano’s own Victoria Snee gives the lowdown on looking beautiful in her book “The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!”

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In the book Snee intertwines humor and personal celebrity encounters with beauty tips the everyday woman can use.  Snee brings insight from makeup artists to the stars and her many celebrity interviews to help us discover the best products and best application methods.

What I love most about this book is that 1) it is an easy, quick read with great advice and product suggestions, 2) it can be thrown into my bag for use at the cosmetics counter and 3) it has an index.  The index is fabulous for pin-pointing everywhere in the book Snee talks about eyes or lips for quick reference at the cosmetics counter.

“The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!” really is beauty for dummies.  Not that we are dummies, but the book offers a step-by-step format building from skincare to color application and false lashes to self tanners.  We need this to keep us focused on what will help us look our best and to avoid fad products.

Beauty…the topic that every woman loves to hate and hates to love.  We are so critical of ourselves and often are unsure of the best products to use.  To me,“The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!” is the beauty bible and every woman should use it as a guide to looking fresh and fabulous.

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