Want of the Day~September 30, 2011

Last week I walked into DSI Cosmedics at Preston and Forest to visit my friend Patsy Charles, she might possibly be the sweetest person that I know and really, I should visit even more often than I do, if just for a little boost of confidence. After my big shot of confidence, she asked if she could fix my eyebrows, they needed it and now they look fantastic (the last person really screwed up, fortunately she was able to salvage them). She also tinted my lashes, if you haven’t had this done, it takes about 10 minutes and afterwards, the tint looks great and your eyelashes look thicker and darker, I haven’t applied mascara since.

image via dsicosmedics.com

Look at these eyelashes, they’re fabulash!!! Patsy has developed her own products, they’re all natural instead of the synthetic lashes that other places use and they don’t scream, “Hey, I didn’t grow these myself.”  A full set lasts 3 – 4 weeks and then you need a fill which costs $60, less than half of what a prescription for a month of Latisse runs. Even cooler, Patsy has started her own non-profit and for every full set of lashes she does, she donates another pair to empower a woman who is fighting cancer.

She also does permanent make-up and certifies people on applying lashes and permanent make-up. Ebby Halliday once called her “North Dallas’ Best Kept Secret”. I’m not keeping this secret anymore. Call her at (972) 639-7420.


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  1. This sounds really cool, I wish I lived in the are so that I could check this out! Lash donation, very impressive and very awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share, Lex!

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