Pop Goes the City Is Back!!!

To say that it has been awhile is an understatement.

Courtsey of Pexels

After taking a break for just over three years, I am so happy to announce that Pop Goes the City is back!!!

What has changed since I took a break from publishing? Practically everything has changed; but, let’s focus with why I took a break…

Boredom. I became incredibly bored with some of the events I was attending. This came from two things: unimaginative events and PR invite lists that included just about anyone with a heartbeat. Attempting to cast a wide net for coverage but not seeking quality coverage for clients brings riff-raff.

When I started Pop Goes the City in 2011, it was a challenge to get invited to events. Only “established media” received press releases and access. As time went on, PR companies learned how to work with and trust online publishers. But in short order, events became more about photo ops and less about purpose. And anyone claiming to have reach, real or purchased fakes, began demanding access – not to create written content about the purpose of the event, but solely to post pictures of themselves having a good time at the event.

Priorities. I had so many other things I wanted to do. Giving back to my community comes first for me. I was getting involved in the strategic planning and fundraising for several important non-profit missions in North Texas. I had no desire to dedicate time to anything I did not feel positive about or motivated for.

Thus I cut back on the number of events and outings I would attend a week. I looked for more life or community focused opportunities and less of the dinner and cocktail gatherings. Eventually, I got myself to just a few outings a week…and then COVID.

2020 changed us all in various ways. COVID heightened my desire to do what is necessary, when it is necessary, for the greater good. As the metroplex continues its recovery from COVID and its devastating outcomes, I believe it is time to refocus on the reason I started Pop Goes the City in the first place: to provide an authentic space to read about the great things happening in Dallas and Collin counties.

I always tried to write the news, the content, people wanted to read. It’s time that I get back to that.