Kenny’s East Coast Pizza Prepares to Launch a new Food Challenge

This is so more than just a pizza for two.

Image courtesy of Kenny’s East Coast Pizza

Kenny Bowers startled the metroplex nine years ago when he launched the El Jefe Grande at his Kenny’s Burger Joint. The 7-pound, 7,000 calorie burger challenge was one of a kind.

On March 6, Kenny is launching the Bada Bing, a challenge for pizza lovers, at Kenny’s East Coast Pizza.

Since 2016, Kenny’s East Coast Pizza has offered an array of pizzas in a style more reminiscent of New York than Naples, choosing to prepare pies in a classic Bakers Pride Deck Oven.  In addition to a selection of 14” pizzas, the restaurant offers a selection of classic Italian-American appetizers, salads and sandwiches, and classic Italian-American specialties including Chicken Parmigiano, Lasagna and Baked Ziti with Meatballs.  The full bar offers a selection of hand-crafted cocktails and martinis poured from their signature frozen Grey Goose tap.

Image courtesy of Kenny’s East Coast Pizza

The Bada Bing challenge invites teams of two to attempt to finish a massive 32”, 10,000 calorie pizza, topped with 50 pepperoni, in under 30 minutes.Teams that successfully complete the Bada Bing challenge will receive $100 gift card, a commemorative t-shirt and a photo on the coveted Wall of Fame. Teams that fall short must pay $50 for the pizza and have their photo featured on the Wall of Shame.

Are you up for the challenge?