White Rock Alehouse & Brewery is Serving Up Craft Beer and Great Food in East Dallas

East Dallas is the home of a new brewpub concept.

Image courtesy of Kathy Tran

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery, a new brewpub, is open now in East Dallas at Gaston and Garland roads.

The concept, founded by friends and entrepreneurs Dave Kirk and Greg Nixon, was created to fill a gap in the area market and boasts an impressive craft beer list and food menu. “We are both East Dallas residents,” says Dave. “We saw a need for a destination that focused on craft beer, craft cocktails, and a smart menu, all backed by the White Rock name that many of us revere.”

White Rock Dino Rib (Image courtesy of Kathy Tran)

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery is a licensed brewpub, which allows them to make beer to be consumed on-site. Head brewer is Blake Morrison, a local home brewer-turned-pro who helped formulate several of the beers for Cedar Creek Brewery including the popular Dankosaurus IPA, is currently brewing test batches. Some of their offerings will be seasonal in nature, IE wheat beers during the summer, and stouts and porters during colder months.

Food will occupy a major role, with everything designed to pair well with beer and to serve patrons of the lake and trail nearby. The menu is American in theme, but with elevated, creative twists, and a commitment to have the food be as good as the beer.

Kale & Ale Salad (Image courtesy of Kathy Tran)

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery is located at the high-profile intersection of Gaston and Garland Roads (7331 Gaston Avenue, Suite #100). Their building sits on an ideal spot overlooking the trailhead – views of which can be enjoyed from their 4,000-square-foot patio and beer garden.

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery is Open Monday – Friday 3pm – midnight; Saturday 9am – midnight; Sunday 10am – midnight.

Lunch will be added in the near future.


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