Now Smell This: Commodity, The Unisex Fragrances You’ll Covet This Fall

A good fragrance is more than an accessory, it’s an identity.

Image courtesy of Commodity

Make no mistake about it, your scent is how people notice you and how they remember you. Selecting the perfect signature fragrance should make a bold statement about you, what you like, and leave a lasting impression. Why not pick a fall fragrance that smells of gin, wool, gold, or whiskey even?

Commodity, a London-based brand founded by Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub, set out to change the fragrance industry in 2014 when they launched an online scent tailoring service that helps shoppers find their signature fragrance.

Since then, they have continued to work with master perfumers, serving as a platform for artisans to co-inspire and create their best work. To date, the brand offers a growing collection of unisex, paraben and cruelty-free fragrances, body products, and candles.

Commodity wants consumers to rethink their fragrance choices, opting for scents that encourage self-expression. My personal self-expression fragrance from Commodity at the moment is Gold.

Image courtesy of Commodity

Created by perfumer Donna Ramanauskus, Gold is a warm scent with notes of bergamot, amber, vanilla, and Nubian musk. It’s a light fragrance that transitions well from summer into fall.

I encourage everyone to find their signature fragrance this fall. Commodity is available in over 30 countries through premium retailers, like Sephora, and direct e-commerce.

If you want to sample scents to help find a fragrance you love, consider purchasing the Storybook set. This set is $30 and has 15, 1.5ml vials for you to sample several scents at one time. Once you find your signature scent (or scents), stock up on full size bottles so you never run out. You’ll really want to wear these scents all season long, and beyond.