Hornitos Launches New Crystal-Clear Añejo Tequila

Perfect for sipping neat, this new crystal-clear añejo tequila is a “category first” launch

Image provided by Hornitos

I typically like to drink tequila neat or up (shaken – a shot). Since I don’t like to lean on salt and lime when I take a shot, I look for very smooth tequilas that don’t burn. With that said, I have just added to new tequila to my list of favorites.

Hornitos Cristalino is a 100% blue agave tequila that is aged and filtered to produce a smooth and crystal clear añejo – the first of its kind to be made available in the premium category.

Hornitos Cristalino starts as a triple-distilled añejo tequila, aged at least 12 months in traditional American white oak casks, before undergoing a unique process that filters and gently stirs the spirit to uncover the herbal, fresh, agave forward notes typical of a Plata tequila. This process maintains the complex character and sweetness derived from barrel-aging and thus achieves a more balanced and rounded profile. The final product produces honey and floral notes, with distinct vanilla and butterscotch flavors wrapped in toasted wood.

“Hornitos Cristalino is a versatile spirit with a complexity of flavor that appeals to tequila connoisseurs and smoothness that makes it highly approachable for those looking for an introduction to the tequila,” said Malini Patel, vice president of tequilas at Beam Suntory. “These unique qualities make Hornitos Cristalino ideal for everyday sipping, as well as for celebrating special occasions.”

I really like this tequila best neat, but it’s also great up, on the rocks, and mixed in a cocktail.

Hornitos Cristalino is 80 proof and is available for a suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 750mL bottle. Check Goody Goody and Sigel’s for it. If you don’t see it on the shelf, ask for it! It truly is THAT new on the market. Cheers!