Radney Foster: CD & Book Release Events in Dallas

Radney Foster is coming to North Texas to promote his latest project – a cd and book combination.

Legendary artist Radney Foster has released his newest project–a CD/book combo titled For You To See The Stars.

The collection of short stories, released via Working Title Farm, is Foster’s very first print publication. The record (Devil’s River Records) marks Foster’s eleventh studio album and features nine new songs, along with a special re-recording of his top single, “Raining on Sunday.”

While it’s evident that Texas has always been an inspiration for his music, in For You To See The Stars, Foster explores various landscapes, both physical and emotional, from the story of a retired spy in New Orleans, to the tale of a Dallas lawyer wandering the Rocky Mountains in search of redemption, to a post apocalyptic parable of a world in endless war.

The beauty of this CD/book combo lives within Foster’s extensive imagery, which not only further expands the meaning behind Foster’s songs, but gives the reader a look at the thought process behind his songwriting. Foster explains: “For me, the goal of writing is always to touch that one person so much that they wonder how I got a peek into their living room–how I understood exactly what they felt. More than just rhyming or having a pretty melody, I try to express a part of the human condition that can make someone want to laugh, cry, make love, or all of the above.”

Foster has written eight number one hit singles, including his own “Nobody Wins,” and “Crazy Over You” with duo Foster & Lloyd. His discography contains countless cuts by artists ranging anywhere from country (Keith Urban, The Dixie Chicks, Luke Bryan, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) to contemporary (Marc Broussard, Hootie & The Blowfish, Kenny Loggins, Los Lonely Boys).

For You To See The Stars is Foster at his classic storytelling best, both as a seasoned singer/songwriter and a soulful writer of prose. Although both components stand alone as separate pieces of art– they are meant to be enjoyed together for a reason. When coupled, the book and CD give fans a deeper insight into the subconscious of Foster’s storytelling.

Order the album and book here.

North Texas Tour Dates: (click below for tickets)
Oct. 4 – Dallas, TX – Deep Vellum Books
Oct. 5 – Dallas, TX – The Kessler
Dec. 9 – Plano, TX – Love & War in Texas